Town of Chapel Hill GIS Data and Services

Welcome to the Town of Chapel Hill’s GIS Data and Services page. The Town maintains a large catalog of GIS data which helps support the efforts of Town staff. This information is collected, maintained, and analyzed by multiple departments including Engineering, Planning, Public Works, and others.

What is GIS? A GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information, i.e. data identified according to their locations. Simply put, a GIS combines layers of information about a place to give you a better understanding of that place. The layers of information you combine depends on your purpose.

GIS data and analysis are currently being used by the Town in a number of different ways. These include to better plan for growth, inventory and maintain public infrastructure, improve coordination with neighboring jurisdictions, and provide better and more efficient public services. Likewise, the Town of Chapel Hill is dedicated to providing citizens with access to this geographic information as well.